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2012 Recipient

Project Cool Breeze was founded in May 1999 by State Representative Wendell Gilliard to create an environment of unity and hope for the betterment of communities.

Project Cool Breeze’s program initiatives:

Coat & Food Drive, A/C & Fan Distribution, Annual Turkey Giveaway, Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Portrait Awards

Contact information has since changed. To sign up, call 843-226-7706 or mail application to PROJECT COOL BREEZE P.O. BOX 30576 CHARLESTON, SC 29417.

2019 Clip of State Representative providing information for A/C distribution.

Project Cool Breeze continues to serve communities in need. In 2020, Project Cool Breeze has gained new partnerships with new organizations and continues to seek additional sponsors to help expand the reach for providing food and resources to deserving communities in rural areas. To date, many seniors many homeless, and many of the less fortunate were provided the necessary resources to keep them cool, warm, healthy, alive and last but not least – filled with hope. We continue to extend the invitation to all those seeking to help in any way.

Project Cool Breeze is a not for profit organization. All donations and funding is applied towards the mentioned initiatives.

A Special thank you to Live 5 news for providing coverage over the years. This year, we are practicing social distancing. Distributions are taking place outside at Lowe’s West Ashley parking lot. All distributions are by appointment only.

Project Cool Breeze celebrates over 20 years of service

A special thank you to ABC4 news

Project Cool Breeze serving area seniors

Police Community Unity Day, Each annual distribution would be finalized with a huge celebration including vendors, entertainment, and jump castles at Brittlebank Park in Charleston, SC.

Click link for 2016 article about Police Community Unity Day:


View past events: Click on link below to watch Live 5 news on 2015 Police Community Unity Day.


Through out the years, Project Cool Breeze has provided over 9,000 units to seniors. With ongoing generous donations from our many sponsors and dedicated volunteers, we continue to help prevent seniors from losing their lives due to extreme heat exhaustion.

Obstacles cause distractions, eliminate obstacles – no more distractions. The power to achieve all that you want in this world begins with a measure of hope. Obstacles may be minimal or extreme, but hope will cause you to be resilient. Project Cool Breeze provides the open door for hope.

Project Cool Breeze is appreciative of the many outlets working with us to better service the community.

South Carolina

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Project Cool Breeze

Email: projectcoolbreeze2018@gmail.com

Phone: 843-371-1705

Address: P.O. Box 30576 Charleston, SC 29417

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