Families suffer due to uncertain circumstances that may somehow cause life changing complexity. However, these program initiatives have continued to aim towards filling said voids. Voids of distraction which may somehow cause an individual to suffer. In order to provide hope, a few life altering complexities became the influence behind the many programs & initiatives listed below:

  • Project Cool Breeze’s Air Conditioner & Fan Distribution: Keeping seniors cool during the hot summer months. Seniors 60 years and older can call to sign up for air condition unit or fan. Please call 843-226-7706 to begin the process. Annual distributions begin mid-June through early September. No walk-ins will receive a unit. You must receive an appointment to receive a unit. Please bring valid identification. Distribution site is located at Lowe’s West Ashley 3125 Glenn Mcconnell Parkway, Charleston, SC 29414.
  • Annual Turkey Day Giveaway: A program designed to provide hot meals to local veterans and those less fortunate. Every year, Tuesday during the week of Thanksgiving, a hot meal is prepared for veterans along with free haircuts. Vendors from the local community provide health check-up, Fire safety instructions provided by Charleston fire department and haircuts provided by local barbershops, as well as many other vendors. Voter Registration processed upon arrival. We are always welcoming all vendors to take part in such an impactful encounter. A special spiritual service is provided in the Church’s sanctuary as the recipients wait to receive their turkey to share with family for Thanksgiving dinner. No one is left hungry during Thanksgiving. No application is required, but you must have valid identification.
  • Hope for the Homeless Clothes Giveaway

2021 Coat & Food Drive

Project Cool Breeze set off the year again with another food and coat drive. This year, we partnered with Rev. Randolph Miller, Pastor of Greater Unity AME Church in Holly Hill, SC.

  • Rev. Dr. MLK Jr. Portrait Awards